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To view information about the department's hours of operation and /or locations, please click MDCR Statewide Office Locations, or contact us by telephone at 800-482-3604 or TDD: 877-878-8464.

To request information about services provided by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, or
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Community Relations

To request a presentation for your company or organization regarding topics such as Disability, Diversity, Diversity for Schools, Sexual Harassment for Employees, Sexual Harassment for Managers, Housing, Hate Crime, Discriminatory Harassment, Building Cultural Competence, and General Civil Rights Law or to report an incident of community tension or violence, click the button below.

Complaints of Discrimination

To initiate an inquiry because you believe someone discriminated against you in violation of civil rights laws, click the button below. A customer service representative will contact you to answer your questions, discuss your concern in detail to determine if a complaint will be taken, or to suggest alternatives to address your concern.

Contractor Review

The practices of contractors, vendors, subcontractors and suppliers doing business or proposing to do business with the State of Michigan are subject to a review by the Department of Civil Rights to ensure that they have demonstrated compliance with non-discrimination requirements of state and federal law. This certification process only applies to contractors who have been awarded contracts with a value of $100,000 or more.

To request information about a Certificate of Awardability or Certification of a Business Owned by Person(s) With Disabilities, click the button below.